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Introduction to Software Engineering

This foundational course provides an overview of the key principles and practices in software engineering. Students will gain insights into the software development life cycle, project management, and the fundamental concepts that form the basis of effective software engineering.

Fundamentals of Software Testing

Focused on quality assurance, this course delves into the essential principles and techniques of software testing. Students will learn how to design test cases, execute testing processes, identify and fix bugs, ensuring the reliability and functionality of software products.

Value Creation

Recognizing the importance of interpersonal skills in the professional world, this course emphasizes values creation and relationship-building strategies. Students will develop effective communication, collaboration, and teamwork skills, understanding the role of positive relationships in the success of software engineering projects.

Technology Essentials

Provides a thorough understanding of essential technologies across various IT domains. It covers fundamental concepts in design and media, data analytics, artificial intelligence and troubleshooting essentials. Students will develop the skills needed to address daily technological requirements in a workplace setting.


Engineering Specialty

Frontend Development

This program focuses on the creation of user interfaces and experiences for web applications. Students will learn multiple frontend frameworks, gaining the skills needed to design and develop visually appealing and user-friendly websites.

Backend Development

Centred on server-side development, this program covers the creation and maintenance of databases, server logic, and application architecture. Students will gain proficiency in programming languages needed to build robust and scalable backend systems.

Mobile App Development

This program is dedicated to the creation of mobile applications for various platforms, such as iOS and Android. Students will explore mobile development frameworks, design principles, and usability considerations to produce functional and user-friendly mobile apps.

User Interface Design and Nocode

Focused on the visual and interactive aspects of software, this program combines principles of user interface (UI) design with the emerging field of NoCode development. Students will learn how to create compelling UI designs and leverage NoCode tools to build applications without traditional coding.

Business Specialty

Business Analysis & Development

This specialised program is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for successful business development within the technology industry. Students will explore strategies for market analysis, client acquisition, and fostering sustainable business growth. Topics covered may include sales techniques, relationship management, and the understanding of market trends to drive organisational success.


Frequently Asked Questions

Special Man Academy Program is an 18-month comprehensive training initiative offered by Special Man Global Solution Ltd, that aims to produce solid tech talents for the future.

The program spans 18 months. We utilise the first 6 to 7 months for core academic activities where the candidate will be taught their course work as well as life skills. The next 11 to 12 months will be for the internship experience where the student will be exposed to multiple real-life projects. This structure ensures a wholesome comprehensive preparation for success in the tech industry.

Applications are open to individuals interested in pursuing a career in the tech industry in Lagos Nigeria.

Prospective candidates looking to embark on a career path with the Special Man Academy are invited to apply and undergo our comprehensive vetting processes. Successful completion of these processes will be considered for an admission offer.

Yes, there is a fee for the program. Only applicants with admission offers will be required to pay the specified fee. Learn more about the tuition 

Absolutely! Special Man Academy is open to individuals with varying levels of experience. Our program is designed to accommodate beginners and help them build a strong foundation in their chosen field.

It is essential to strike a balance to benefit from the SGS Academy experience fully. While it may be easier to shuffle between a part-time job during the academic phase it will be a lot more difficult during the industry experience phase.

While exploration is fun, switching tracks mid-program may not be feasible. Except you are willing to apply for the new track a fresh.

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