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About the Academy


Who we are

Special Man Academy is the learning institute of Special Man Global Solution LTD, with a strong policy on research and development, the Special Man Academy is geared to change how people acquire tech skills.

We have identified the challenges faced by new entrants to the technology workspace and have tailored our learning program to effectively solve them.

Achieving mastery in any skill, especially technology-advancing skills, extends beyond merely watching tutorial videos, engaging in academic work, participating in online/offline classes, or attending boot camps. While these activities are valuable, establishing a solid foundation as a technology talent at work requires much more.

New entrants need a good grasp of the technical foundation, mentorship, and real-life work experience to embark on a successful journey in the industry.

The tech talent industry has a low entry barrier, so there is a constant influx of individuals. The industry sees a continuous stream of newcomers due to its accessible nature, yet the demand for skilled and competent professionals remains unmet. While entry into the tech space is open to many, the ongoing need for high-quality and proficient individuals persists and that’s what we are changing.

With our structured process, Special Man Academy will provide any individual interested in building a career in the tech space, with the right, quality and wholesome education that will make them stand out.

This structure includes a compulsory academic period, a research and development session and a paid industry experience. Together, these components form a tested approach that consistently yields positive results for every student.

How it works

1   Academic Activities (6 to 7 months)

This first phase focuses on taking the participants in a formal educational process- such as attending lectures, participating in discussions, completing assignments, and engaging in other structured learning experiences. This period takes between 6 to 7 months.

2   Industry Experience (Paid Internship of 11 to 12 months)

After successfully completing the academic phase, students will undergo an extensive 11 to 12 months of paid industry experience. This hands-on phase will allow students to apply their acquired knowledge and skills in real-world settings.


Our idea

To have true knowledge you must learn truly and thoroughly.

This is our principal idea for the Academy classes and process. We have curated a learning process that will ensure that every participant of the academy will possess a rich and deep understanding of the fundamentals of their chosen course.

Research is the true hallmark of education and so every student will continuously engage in research activities as well as document their research findings.

Ultimately, the proof of all that has been taught is seen in the industry experience where the students can undergo hands-on industry work assignments to cumilate and practice all they’ve learned.

In all of these technical learning is not all that will be done at the academy, participants will also learn useful life skills to make them the wholesome work talent.


Philosophy of the academy

We firmly believe that training organisations should provide students with a comprehensive preparation, incorporating strong fundamental principles and ample opportunities for them to thrive in the industry

A straightforward way to illustrate this is by examining the operational model of medical colleges. In contrast to other disciplines, medical practitioners undergo academic learning, research, and industry practice even at the undergraduate level; allowing students to familiarise themselves with the day-to-day operations, challenges, and demands of the industry they are training to join. We firmly believe that this approach is indispensable for any industry seeking to provide a robust education for its new entrants, and that is precisely what we are committed to doing.


Methods of the academy

We are a software development company with research and development at our core. Our expertise extends to diverse fields as we actively engage in developing software projects globally. 

The academy serves as an entry point for new talents in the technology industry, offering them training and guidance from our experienced team. Students gain invaluable firsthand experience as they learn and contribute to building software products for organisations worldwide.

The advantage of learning in a software development company lies in the limitless learning access our students will have. With projects spanning various fields, our educational approach ensures exposure to a wide array of technologies, providing a comprehensive and dynamic learning experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Special Man Academy Program is an 18-month comprehensive training initiative offered by Special Man Global Solution Ltd, that aims to produce solid tech talents for the future.

The program spans 18 months. We utilise the first 6 to 7 months for core academic activities where the candidate will be taught their course work as well as life skills. The next 11 to 12 months will be for the internship experience where the student will be exposed to multiple real-life projects. This structure ensures a wholesome comprehensive preparation for success in the tech industry.

Applications are open to individuals interested in pursuing a career in the tech industry in Lagos Nigeria.

Prospective candidates looking to embark on a career path with the Special Man Academy are invited to apply and undergo our comprehensive vetting processes. Successful completion of these processes will be considered for an admission offer.

Yes, there is a fee for the program. Only applicants with admission offers will be required to pay the specified fee. Learn more about the tuition 

Absolutely! Special Man Academy is open to individuals with varying levels of experience. Our program is designed to accommodate beginners and help them build a strong foundation in their chosen field.

It is essential to strike a balance to benefit from the SGS Academy experience fully. While it may be easier to shuffle between a part-time job during the academic phase it will be a lot more difficult during the industry experience phase.

While exploration is fun, switching tracks mid-program may not be feasible. Except you are willing to apply for the new track a fresh.

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